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Golf MD provides it's customers with top level fitting services.

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IPAC’s 7 Step Clubfitting Process:

1. Interview & Performance Profile:

An in-depth study of your game, your history, your physical capabilities, your skills and a review of your goals, preferences and expectations.

2. Evaluation of your Current Equipment:
The evaluation includes an analysis of what clubs are working for you and what clubs are not, with an explanation of "why" by your professional fitter.

3. Static Measurement:

A complete evaluation of your physical measurements, body type, swing plane and tempo.

4. Ball Launch Analysis:

A session on a launch monitor to track all aspects of your swing and ball flight with a thorough evaluation of spin rates, dispersion patterns, ball speed, and other critical factors.

5. Equipment Trial:

Selection of the right clubhead for maximizing your performance and for assuring centeredness of hit. Selection and testing of the correct shaft in the right cpm frequency for your swing speed and tempo.

6. Custom Build:

Precision building of your custom fit clubs to the exact specifications as ordered by your Professional Fitter, including frequency matching every shaft within 1 cpm, head and back-end weighting, precision altered loft and lie angles, shaft spining, bend points and weight sorting.

7. Post Fit Check Up:

Follow up consultation to track your progress with your new clubs and to make any adjustments if necessary.

Owner - Mike Dickerson


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